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Homelessness In The United States, Europe And Russia

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The editors of this book draw upon professionals in seven industrialized nations to examine the prevalence, causes, trends, demographics, and health concerns of homelessness and to evaluate potential solutions. They also report on the resources available to the homeless by the public and private sectors in each of the seven countries studied; the United States, Germany, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Russia, and Spain. Also provided is a comparison of social welfare systems in industrialized nations with perhaps the most current and accurate statistics regarding Russia available in the literature. The two East European countries, the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation, represent the most radical changes, from a state to a free market economy with their social systems turned upside down. While the former socialist governments provided a system of universalistic care and control, the released uncontrolled free market forces have been eroding most social protection for the individual. Consequently, homelessness as a new phenomena affects those who are not able to compete in the free market economy. The editors tie the data and country-specific chapters together with a series of concluding chapters that include discussions of resources to prevent homelessness, financial resources for the unemployed, social welfare benefits for the indigent, access to health care and sickness benefits, affordable housing and housing policies, and public and private resources for the homeless.

Every Home Needs A Balcony

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This international bestseller tells the bittersweet story of one family, one home, and the surprising arc of one woman's life, from the poverty of her youth, to the intense love and painful losses of her adult years. Braiding together the past and present, Every Home Needs a Balcony relays the life story of a young Jewish girl, the child of Romanian immigrants, who lives with her family in the poverty-stricken heart of 1950s Haifa, Israel. Eight-year-old Rina, her older sister, and her parents inhabit a cramped apartment with a narrow balcony that becomes an intimate, shared stage on which the joys and dramas of the building's daily life are played out.

It also a window through which Rina witnesses the emergence of a strange new country, born from the ashes of World War II. While her mother cleans houses and her father drifts from job to job, as the years pass Rina becomes desperate to escape her crowded, dirty surroundings. Eventually she falls in love with a wealthy Spaniard and moves to a luxury apartment in Barcelona.

Yet although she enjoys money and status in her new land, it is not Israel. Longing for the past, Rina, now pregnant, returns to the simple life she has missed - a move that soothes her soul, but destroys her marriage. Alone, raising a new baby, comes the painful realization that no matter how much she yearns for the past, the old Haifa of her boisterous youth has gone.

Told with the light touch of a humorous, incredibly dexterous writer, Every Home Needs a Balcony reveals how our choices shape us - and how we learn to survive life's most surprising turns.

About The Author

Rina Frank, was born in Wadi Salib, near Haifa. She has worked as a technical architect, marketing director, and television producer with Israel's Channel 2 before founding her own production company, Matan TV Production. She lives in Tel-Aviv. Every Home Needs a Balcony is her first novel.

In A Country None Of Us Called Home

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What a true gift we have in Peg Bresnahan's dazzling new collection, In a Country None of Us Called Home. The narrative voice in these poems has a focus that is honest, steady, and absolutely clear. There is also a sharpness of observation, as when she comments on the everyday birds of Sri Lanka that hover daily in smoke, insignificant and scientifically unnamed. But they too carry their own signature, "since they always wake at dawn, / fly to burning fields/ and sleep at night/ wrapped in wings/ the color of tropical seas." Peg's gift is to offer the ordinary a moment of uniqueness that each life deserves. This collection indeed is a gallery of the extraordinary and small planted in time-a vision that perhaps only the photographer or poet can arrest perfectly. Inspiration radiates from every life and distant land visited in this eloquent book of poems. -Katherine Soniat, author of The Swing Girl

Summary Of Country

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Warning: This is an independent addition to Luckiest Girl Alive, meant to enhance your experience of the original book. If you have not yet bought the original copy, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial summary from aBookaDay. This novel focuses on the main character, Stephanie Adams. Stephanie is a housewife and mother, in a marriage that has been dead for years. One fateful day however - while on their annual ski trip with four of their closest friends - Stephanie's husband has an unexpected heart attack and dies. This leaves Stephanie troubled, hurt, and above all confused. She no longer has the title of "devoted wife" to hide behind, and now has to discover who she is on her own. This turns out to be an extensive and excruciatingly painful process for Stephanie. She tries to return to her normal life but finds this impossible. In an attempt to heal, she goes on a trip with her four friends to Santa Barbra. There, she has a good time but recognizes she needs to learn to be independent if she is ever going to find peace and happiness. On her way home from the trip, Stephanie takes a wrong turn. She is on the road to Las Vegas and on a whim decides not to correct the mistake. Feeling independent and adventurous, Stephanie proceeds to spend multiple days in the city before deciding to visit the Grand Canyon on her own. It is here she meets famous country singer, Chase Taylor, although she doesn't know who he is at the time. Chase invites her to his show back in Las Vegas the following night and, on a whim, she decides to go. Little does she know, she has just begun the adventure of a lifetime.At first glance, it would appear that Ani FaNelli has it all: a stable job, a nice man, Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Homegrown Humus

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Homegrown humus is easy with cover crops!

Cover crops are a simple, cheap way to boost your soil's organic matter, to fight weeds, to prevent erosion, to attract pollinators, and to keep the ecosystem in balance. Unfortunately, most information on growing cover crops is written for people who plow their soil every year and are willing to spray herbicides. You can get all of the same benefits in a no-till garden, though, if you're clever.

Homegrown Humus details five no-till winners in depth --- buckwheat, sweet potatoes, oilseed radishes, rye, and oats. Profiles of other species suggest gardening conditions when you might want to try out sunflowers, annual ryegrass, barley, Austrian winter peas, crimson clover, cowpeas, or sunn hemp as well.

Meanwhile, the book delves into finding cover-crop seeds, planting cover crops in a no-till garden, and easily killing cover crops without tilling or herbicide use. Understanding the C:N ratio of cover crops helps determine how long to wait between killing cover crops and planting vegetables, as well as how to maximize the amount of humus you're adding to your soil.

Cover crops are an advanced gardening technique bound to increase your vegetable yields, but are simple enough for beginners. Give your garden a treat --- grow some buckwheat!


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