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Life In The Smoky Mountains

RRP $18.99

Life in the Smoky Mountains - Gatlinburg Through the Eyes of a Local is a collection of newspaper columns Adriana Zoder has been writing for The Mountain Press since 2011. In simple and direct words, Zoder shares what living in Gatlinburg is like during tourist season and outside of it. The topics vary from attractions to hiking to no-smoking signs on the playground. As you read, you will experience Gatlinburg throughout the year through the eyes of a local and learn a few things you did not know about this mega tourist destination.

A Day In The Life Of A Ballet Dancer

RRP $17.99

Leap into the world of a ballet dancer! In this engaging nonfiction book, readers learn about the history of this art form as well as what a ballet dancer does to get ready for a performance. With informational text, vibrant photographs, a sample schedule of ballet dancer's day, a look at ballet positions, and simple, clear text, readers learn about the basics of ballet and that this beautiful art form takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

My Life As A Carrot

RRP $13.99

In this carrot memoir our friend, the carrot, takes us back in time to when she was just a little seed. "I still remember when I was a tiny seed ..." she tells us about her rough start and goes on to describe major events in her wondrous life. The story is a celebration of the miracle that is hidden in the little carrot seed: one day it will sprout and grow into a big carrot plant with the help of soil, rain and the warm sun. The little seed's enthusiasm for life and growth is contagious. The book is illustrated with simple, sweet and humorous black and white line drawings.

Keep It Simple, Spirit

RRP $28.55

Are you moving through emotional pain such as grief, anger, shame and fear in healthy ways? Or are you repressing internal emotional issues by numbing out externally with food, alcohol, drugs (prescription or illegal), overworking, television, gambling, internet surfing, or other distractions?

Keep It Simple, Spirit: Provides simple, effective coping methods - for mental wellness Uses compassion and humour to heal your body, mind, and spirit Guides you in transforming your life - from the inside-out "Nuggets of wisdom and practical reflections for inner peace." --Joan Brentel, Psychotherapist, Toronto, Canada

When Life Starts Upside Down...

RRP $17.99

In this book I would like to share with you my journey so far, a journey of suffering, perseverance and hope. A book of real life experiences backed up by biblical truths that pulled me through the difficult times. This is me sharing with you that there is a living God, a God of love, a God of hope and a God that provides for us - in His time. Why share such personal experiences? I wish to inspire you, give you hope, hope that will not disappoint you. No, this is not about someone's dirty laundry or sad story. This is an account of God's grace and mercy when my dirty laundry was taken, washed and cleaned, with the blood of Jesus. If there is one verse in the Bible that summarises my journey with God, it is Romans 5 verses 3 to 5 (NIV), "We must rejoice in our suffering, because suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character, and character hope, hope that does not disappoint. Hope is given to us by God through the Holy Spirit". The first few chapters will take you through my childhood, from the joyous days as a young boy to those painful days. The next few chapters tell you more about my turbulent teenage days, the rebellious and confused me. Then the character building days continued. Finally, the silver lining; how a praying mother persevered in her faith, which fuelled my faith, and brought about an abundance of hope and joy. I have also included four spiritual events in my life: my salvation at the age of seventeen; a near death experience; a divine promise given to me; and my marriage to my wife, Maryke.


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