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Sir David Lyndsay's A Satire Of The Three Estates

RRP $17.99

Sir David Lyndsay's A Satire of the Three Estates is the earliest complete Scottish play on record, dating from the middle of the sixteenth century. By turns funny and formal, obscene and ceremonial, and filled with sharp social commentary, it is a confident expression of dramatic prowess. John Corbett's SCOTNOTE study guide examines the historical background, explores the play's language and style, and gives a concise introduction to this key work in the Scottish theatrical tradition. These notes are suitable for senior school pupils and students at all levels.

Basic Wills, Trusts, And Estates For Paralegals

RRP $509.99

A leading text in its field, Basic Wills, Trusts, and Estates for Paralegals focuses on a paralegal's role in practice. Introductions, explanations, instructions, and study aids ensure that students learn and remember concepts and skills that will prove essential to their work as paralegals.

Respected by instructors and popular with students, Basic Wills, Trusts and Estates for Paralegals features: 
A straightforward introduction that provides a student-friendly orientation to the subject
Complete, succinct coverage of key topics
A review of the sources of property law, trusts, and taxes
A helpful guide to drafting wills and trusts documents
Step-by-step instruction for completing the entire federal estate tax return
State-by-state analysis of trust and estate law
Four client examples used throughout the text that provide an accessible structure and illustrate the intricacies of estate planning
Chapter overviews, key terms, review questions, sample clauses, edited cases, chapter summaries, and end-of-chapter exercises
Latest sample forms in the Appendix
A manageable length that makes this book ideal for shorter courses

The carefully revised Seventh Edition includes: 
The impact of Obergefell v. Hodges on wills and trusts
Changes to WTE tax law
The legal status of children born after the death of one or both parents (because their parents' eggs, sperm, or fertilized eggs were frozen)
Disclaimer trusts, asset protection trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, and dynasty trusts 
Mediation as an alternative to probate court
The Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement Act of 2015
Introduction of new self-test quizzes at the end of each chapter

Federal Income Taxation Of Decedents, Estates And Trusts - 2017 Cch Tax Spotlight Series

RRP $466.99

CCH's Federal Income Taxation of Decedents, Estates and Trusts provides concise, plain-English coverage of these issues and more. It presents the fundamental rules for preparing a decedent's final income tax return and highlights the income tax rules for the decedent's estate and related trusts. Also covered are the special rules regarding the taxation of grantor trusts and bankruptcy estates. Fiduciary duties, including liability for filing a return and paying any taxes due on behalf of the estate or trust, are also thoroughly discussed. Examples illustrating these rules are provided throughout


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